Facilitating exceptional conservation results


As the founder of Aligning Visions, I am excited about working with you on the  conservation opportunities and challenges facing your organization and region.  I have been extremely fortunate to have spent my career working with committed organizations who are advancing solutions to local and global problems that I care deeply about. Aligning Visions reflects my passion for providing opportunities and building the capacity of organizations that can more sustainably manage our environment.  My services, as outlined in my résumé, are built around practices and techniques which I have been advancing and perfecting throughout my career. Designing team interactions around strategic directions rooted in good conservation science is challenging, high leverage, fun, and critically important!

I am a global citizen and enjoy cross-cultural work.  I was raised in Europe before becoming a U.S. citizen. I have traveled extensively around the globe, dividing my career primarily between the United States and Latin America. My work experience, colleagues and travels have provided the bulk of my education.  I’m grateful to my formal schooling opportunities, including an executive program at Stanford, my Master’s in Agriculture at California Polytechnic, and an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. Finally, parenting has been a wonderful education, a great joy, and a further inspiration to pass a healthy planet on to the next generation.

I am committed to helping build the capacity of local organizations to be effective leaders in their countries  by achieving measurable conservation results.  My conservation planning expertise is used daily with partners to facilitate planning or participatory program assessments around conservation science concepts, business plans for new project areas, threat abatement and sustainable livelihood strategies.  My organizational development background is equally useful, focusing on strategic planning, board development, partnering, and program management.   My experience in the U.S., Latin America, and Europe, enables me to facilitate in English, Spanish or Portuguese - and sometimes all three!  I am also increasingly working in the Pacific and Africa, using English for multinational meetings.  I am adept at using graphic facilitation and graphic templates to engage participants when there are multiple mother tongues in the room!  Please see my résumé for more career details.

I live with my family in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains of California and travel as needed.


Working with fellows from the Mesoamerican Reef Leadership Program